Keep Baby Wrapped Close to Your Heart With a Baby Carrier

Babies love to be held. Even better, they love to be held and in motion! Baby carriers do both, allowing your infant to cuddle into you while feeling the rythmic motions of your breathing and your walking. If you’re new to baby wearing, or already own a sling or two, you’ve come to the right place. You can find a wealth of information and resources on babywearing and carriers, from the best child carrier for you to personal reviews from others.

You can use any sort of fabric to wrap yourself and baby in, though today there are many choices avaliable, from fashionable designer slings and wraps to Baby Bjorn front carriers to special hiking backpacks.

Let’s get started! Below you will find some great resources:

A Guide to Baby Carrier Types
A pouch, ring sling, hip carrier or structured baby backpack? This comprehensive guide gives you all the information you need to get you moving.

A Primer on Babywearing
Baby carriers are becoming very popular, but come in a bewildering variety of shapes and configurations. Read a great introduction on wearing your baby.

Baby Sling Safety Tips
With the news questioning the safety of baby slings, here’s a primer on safe babywearing practices – both for baby and yourself.

How to Survive Your Airline Trip with Your Baby
You’ve booked a flight with your baby and now you’re starting to worry. No need! We share some tricks for making air travel with baby easier and more fun.

Wearing Your Baby is Great For Bonding and Development

Slings are great for discrete nursing, keeps you mobile and, most importantly, baby is aware as a participant, rather than a spectator in a crib or a stroller. Baby sees the world as mom and dad see it, they listen to your conversations, and they recognize the rhythm of your breathing, your walking and your touch. All this makes for increased awareness and stimulates speech and emotional development, and is known to dramatically decrease crying and sooth colic. Not to mention that you will feel much closer to your baby.

I myself own several baby carriers, and I constantly wear my baby and go for walks around the neighbourhood. Everybody does a double-take seeing a dad with a little infant on him grinning out to the world!

Carry Baby in a Safe Environment

For a hike in the woods, a walk around town, traveling or just going to the mall, keep your hands free by wearing a convenient and safe front carrier or a backpack. A well-designed carrier will keep you cool and comfortable while running your errands. By seeing over your shoulder and participating in what you see, your infant will be stimulated enough to avoid fussing. When he’s tired, he can simply take a nap in the carrier. For extra comfort and convenience, many backpacks come with a kickstand to easily load your infant, and you can attach a sun visor or rain cover as shelter against the weather.

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